What Scares You?

Quick & Dirty Writing Tips From Kat

Q: When do I get "good enough" that I don't have to edit so much?

A: You don't. Editing is part of the process. And you can't edit what isn't written. So, go sit down and write.

Q: Can I use people I know in my story?

A: You can; it's your story. But you shouldn't. Aside from the legalitites, real people are too random in their thoughts and actions. Characters have to make more sense than real people.

Q: I want to write, but don't think I know enough words. How can I improve my vocabulary enough to write?

A: Read.

Q: My friends read my new story, and they all love it; wouldn't change a thing about it. What's my next step?

A: Get new friends. Or at least new readers. Ones who will be honest with you.

Q: How often should I write?

A: More often than you go to the gym. (Kidding, of course.) Change your thoughts on that. Switch "should" to "can." And then be very permissive with yourself. You deserve it.

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