The Oubliette

Where old stories go to die.

These are stories that the interest didn't hold through to the end. It could be they came upon a plot problem, needed more research, or I just didn't feel the characters. If you find something you particularly enjoy, and would like to see continue, feel free to plead its case. But for the moment, they are dead and forgotten, as in an oubliette.

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Blessing in Disguise

The Dark Man

Remember...I retain copyright. This is all my original writing. Although I am pleased for you to enjoy the stories, and you can send as many friends here who want to come, you do not have permission to copy, redistribute, or otherwise utilize these words without express, written permission by me, Kat Brokaw, the writer. All characters, locations, and anything else protected by copyright is likewise still under this claim. Don't make me cranky, please.

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